McAfee is a renowned antivirus that protects your system/systems from online vulnerabilities. Over the years, it has become a trustworthy software, whose quality products are always there to save the day. Drive encryption is one of the major components. Although, in various HP and Lenovo products, full disk encryption fails. Therefore, systems face McAfee drive encryption fatal error 0xee020001, McAfee drive encryption fatal error 0xee020002, and the list goes on.

Drive encryption protects the files in a system by converting them into unreadable or scribbled codes. These codes are inaccessible to unauthorized people. Hence, your data and files remain safe until the codes are decipherable. It all sounds safe and secure unless McAfee restricts the user itself. McAfee drive encryption fatal errors are common when users are unable to access the endpoint encryption in their system.


Causes of McAfee drive encryption fatal errors

When your system’s interface restricts you from accessing the data, it is generally due to disk encryption error. Here the unified extensible firmware interface makes it hard for you to access the data from the disk. Hence, you face errors like McAfee drive encryption fatal error 0xef00008, McAfee drive encryption fatal error (0xee000005), etc.

The above drive encryption fatal errors mainly occur due to the device’s boot settings. If the boot settings are in a different mode then required, it means you will face issues with disk encryption.

You might also encounter a fatal error if you do not use the Windows Pre-Installation Environment (WinPE).

In the above case, you face McAfee drive encryption fatal error 0xee020006 Getting device Info.


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How to solve McAfee drive encryption fatal error

From the above-stated causes, it is clear that you are merely not able to access the data from the data disk, but your data is safe. Hence, by performing the below-mentioned solutions, you can quickly resolve the McAfee drive encryption fatal error 0xee020002, McAfee drive encryption fatal errors 0xee120106, and many more.


Boot settings configuration

Changing the mode in the boot settings can solve the McAfee drive encryptions fatal error failed to load cryptographic module. Fix it by doing so:

  1. Restart your system and press the F2 key 2-3 times.

If you use Lenovo products, press Function, and F2 key together.

  1. Boot window will open, navigate for boot tab.
  2. In it, select OSA configurationto change modes.
  3. Change it to legacy boot mode in default condition or otherwise.

You can use the keyboard directional keys to operate OSA configuration settings.

McAfee disk encryption Reinstallation

If you still encounter McAfee drive encryption fatal errors 0xee120106, McAfee drive encryption fatal error 0xef00008, you can reinstall the disk.

For this, first, uninstall the McAfee disk encryption entirely from the system.

Now, visit the official site of McAfee and install the application. After installation, make sure your boot settings are following what is stated above.

Use the Windows Pre-Installation Environment (WinPE)

Sometimes, what you use for recovering media creates issues with McAfee’s drive encryption. It’s advisable to use the Windows Pre-Installation Environment (WinPE) instead of any other. For example, your McAfee drive encryption fatal error (0xee000005) might be because of using Drive Encryption Standalone Mode.

Replace it with WinPE, and it will solve your disk errors.


The above three are the prime solutions for McAfee drive encryption fatal errors. Use them and tell us which solution helped you the most. Remember, you can contact us 24/7 for McAfee Support visit

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