McAfee antivirus protects your device or devices from hackers and spams. It provides safety to your files and significant data from virus like ransomware, MyDoom, etc.

To create a McAfee account, you just have to go to McAfee’s official site and sign up there.

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After login, if you already have a 25 digit activation code:

On the official site, go to My Account, and redeem your retail card.

McAfee activation with Product key

After redeeming your retail card on the official site, a window asking your 25 digit activation code will appear, in which you are required to enter and submit the code.

As the product key activated, now you have to download the application.

Go to My Account again and click on the subscription option.

Then, choose the desired plan for your device or devices.

Download the antivirus version that you just activated.

After that, finish setting up the McAfee antivirus by following the recurring on-screen instructions.

How to install McAfee antivirus product key?

Installing the product key can be done with either of the two ways:

  1. Web installation
  2. CD Set Up

If you choose installing the antivirus by web installation follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit
  • Download the set up file you purchased to match your product
  • Install the downloaded file
  • Enter your McAfee activation product key

The activation of your antivirus will be done once the set up is completed.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that for performing the above-mentioned procedure you need a fast and stable internet connection otherwise the installation procedure might take time and you might get frustrated.

If you choose the latter, that is, CD Set Up.

It means you can install the antivirus if you have a CD-ROM drive in your PC.

You can acquire the CD from any retailer that deals in such antivirus. You will also get McAfee activation product key along with CD in this package.

Once you get the CD, you have to insert the CD in your PC and the set process will automatically run through setup.exe file.

The installation will get carried out by default. Then you are required to enter McAfee activation code and some other credentials.

Once this process is completed, the antivirus will be ready to protect your device from different viruses that can harm your computer.

The McAfee activation is a simple task that will take 5-10 minutes if you have a good internet connection. You just have to perform a series of steps to get the ultimate antivirus that can erase the spams even before they reach your inbox. Gone are the days where you needed to worry about your data, the backup of your data and so on. With the help of McAfee antivirus you can choose what devices to protect by choosing the plan you desire.

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Retail card technical support in McAfee activation

With the help of McAfee retail card, you can install the latest versions of McAfee antivirus, its activation, and other set ups online. To install the antivirus you just have to have the valid McAfee activation product key. You can acquire it from a store and the activation code is mentioned on the back of the retail card.

Some of the problems you might face due to product key and their solution:

  • Product code is invalid – You could have just entered the wrong McAfee activation product key. In this case, you can contact McAfee technical support.
  • Product key not matching – You have to enter the product key that matches your country and its language; in a problem like this, you can use the help of Language list option.
  • Sometimes the retailer from whom you purchased the retail card might not have activated it; for this, you can just contact him for such case.
  • Key already in use – You cannot use the same product key in two different devices.