McAfee is the prime antivirus for cybersecurity. All its products give a shield to your device/devices from malware and other dreading online threats. For the sake of your device’s safety, McAfee automatically renews your subscription. In other words, you get to protect your device for an extended period as the subscription extends by default. The money is automatically deducted from your registered payment card, and you receive the details in your mail. If, by chance, you do not want to extend McAfee protection, then you can request for refund. McAfee refund for auto-renewals is an easy and hassle-free service.

One can also demand a refund after the trial period expires. You can get a complete refund within 30 days of the start of auto-renewal. Generally, an individual or a business organization tend to continue their services as McAfee is such a promising antivirus software. In the case of trials, one has to add their debit/credit card details initially. Such information are saved and further used for auto-renewals.

Also, if you acquire the McAfee product directly and install it, you still have to register yourself. Then again, at the time of registering, one requires to give their necessary details. Hence, one is deemed for auto-renewal.

Cancelations of refunds for auto-renewals

McAfee is a protective software, and it never puts your personals data and essential files in danger. As soon as the previous subscription or the trial period expires, McAfee auto-renews the same product for your device. Due to this, the rise of refunds arises as one might not want the same product and want to switch to another one. Also, some might want to increase/decrease the number of devices they are protecting. Therefore, McAfee offers a complete refund for auto-renewals within 30 days of such renewal.

McAfee customer service refund

A whole unit of McAfee’s staff entertains the issues of payments and auto-renewals. This service is due to the constant upgradation in the antivirus. One always wants to get more protection for their device/devices. Therefore, they tend to switch different McAfee products. You can directly contact the customer care by visiting the official site of McAfee or They will address your issue and assist in getting a complete refund.

You can also start a live chat on McAfee’s support site. They will assist you in getting a refund for auto-renewals. They will also tell you the steps you can take to avoid McAfee’s refund in the future.

It is no harm in reading McAfee refund policy for all the McAfee products or McAfee antivirus refund policy for some.

McAfee refund phone number

To get a refund for the auto-renewals, you can contact McAfee support service by the phone number on the site. It is a hassle-free call that gives you a variety of choices to deal with your refund issue. McAfee customer care refund number is the instant solution for auto-renewals. You can also get the details to fill McAfee retail refund request form.

How to avoid auto-renewals in general?

You can make small changes in your McAfee account to avoid the auto-renewal service. By going to the official McAfee website and login to your account, you can change the settings. “off” the auto-renewal option. Due to McAfee’s protection policy, it is always “on.” By turning it off, you command it to change the by default setting, and it will not renew your product.

Also, it is better to remove the debit/credit card details from your account. By doing this, you are canceling the source of payment, and you will not face any surprise auto-renews.

We hope the above information helps you in getting a refund for auto-renewals. Stay connected for more.

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