Hackers and malware don’t have a type, if they can attack and threaten your PCs, Laptops, and Tablets, then there is no doubt that they’ll threaten your phones too. McAfee LiveSafe offers to protect big screen devices as well as mobile phones. An android application called McAfee Mobile Security is provided by McAfee to protect android phones from various threats that are present in the mobile itself or come along with some downloaded files from an unknown source. Generally, your search engine warns your device (hence it warns you) about the threat that a file you are about to download can bring to your phone. But, in some cases it doesn’t, as you might have changed the default setting and checked “yes” to the option “download files from unknown sites”

How to install McAfee on Android device/McAfee Mobile Security login

If your PC or laptop already has McAfee antivirus and you have the subscription of a plan to protect multiple devices, then,
  1. Go to McAfee LiveSafe in your PC or Laptop.
  2. On the home page, click to add a new device and select Android.
  3. Add your phone number or an email Id and you’ll get an activation code sent to it.
  4. In your android search for McAfee Mobile Security in the Google Play Store, Install it and open it.
  5. Sign in with your McAfee Id and type the activation code.
  6. Now, it will ask you to type a six-digit password, create it as type.
  7. Tap on Activate and then on Finish.

The main page of the app in your android will look like this.

Here, you are presented with multiple options that offer different types of protection to your phone.

The Scan feature will scan for viruses in all the files and applications in your android device. It will take up to 1-2 minutes, which solely depends on the storage of your phone, i.e., the number of files and applications that your phone has.

Once the scan is complete, you’ll be notified whether your android phone has a virus or viruses or not. If there is a virus then you shall delete that particular file or application for the safety and security of your device.

If there is no virus, then it will notify you with a message that “Your apps and files look good”. You should scan your phone at least two times a day and if the quantity of your downloads is more, then, scan for more than two times.

The other four features that McAfee Mobile Security provides are Storage Cleaner, Memory Booster, App Lock, and Anti-Theft. With the help, of them you can fully secure your android phone as these are the main features that are required in any device for its protection. Read the below-mentioned data to know more about these four features.

Storage Cleaner

This feature provides three-way protection to your device as it helps you clean your device’s junk files, avoidable applications, and unnecessary files. Junk files include caches, residual files, and temporary files and they do not need to be a part of your phone.

 Avoidable applications are those applications that aren’t used for a long time and unnecessary files are the ones that do not need your phone’s attention. Hence McAfee Mobile Security for Android unburdens your phone from dispensable files.

Memory Booster

This feature helps in improving the performance of the android by freeing up the memory from background applications.

Once the process is completed, it will tell you the percentage of how much memory of your device is in use. It gives a “Clean” option below in the page, by clicking on it you can clean some of the memory. The percentage will lower by 2-5% as you cleaned some of the background memory.

App Lock

By the app lock feature, you can lock whatever applications you like.

After clicking on the feature, you will be required to type the six-digit code that you set when you signed it. You’ll be presented with the applications in your devices and you can tick on those which you want to lock.

To open those applications in the time of use, you have to enter that six-digit code.


This feature is a lifesaver for those who ever lost their android device as by this if you ever lose the phone you can just go to your McAfee Mobile Security web account to find it, lock it, wipe it, and more. Here, you have to just turn your GPS and Auto-lock on for security purposes. There are also Locate and Lock features which are also available in the web account. McAfee’s mobile application is the combination of all the features that are required to protect an android device. If you have a plan that protects multiple devices, then your phone is the most important one that needs protection as in it every kind of file is downloaded whether songs, PDFs, movies and dozens of applications. for more details visit us mcafee.com/activate

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