In the case of designing every software, the programmers make sure it is the best and error-free. But even the best software faces errors and malfunctions. McAfee is no new to mistakes. All of its software has the strength of removing all the online threats. On the contrary, McAfee itself faces glitches sometimes. One of the typical glitches is McAfee error 9001. For starters, it is a runtime error. So, if you encounter this one, it means McAfee Antivirus is not working for the time being. Therefore, it is necessary to solve such McAfee error 9001. Unlike others who only show a problem with some of the features. This malfunction is more than mere characteristics as this one stops the whole running process of the software.

McAfee error 9001 comes without warning. Moreover, runtime errors are generally caused by incompatible software running in the background. Also, it could be a virus infection, a memory problem, or due to bad graphics. Regardless of the cause, one should get rid of this error as soon as possible. Besides, every glitch demands an immediate solution to avoid future occurrence of problems.

Here are some common fixes for McAfee error 9001

  • Update or close conflicting programs

When it comes to a runtime error, you need to see what process is conflicting with McAfee. For this, open Task Manager. In the Process Tab, there is a list of running processes. End each process one by one by right click > End Process. After every operation, the error will appear again, as those processes might not be causing it. When the runtime error stops appearing, you would know which process caused it, and you can update/reinstall it.

You can go on Control Panel > Programs & Features, to update or uninstall the program. After that, such an application will not conflict with the process of McAfee. Therefore, no runtime error will occur.

  • Install the latest windows update or upgrade your antivirus

It might be the virus that is causing McAfee error 9001. To solve it, you need to update your antivirus and run a full scan of your computer. Also, you can update your windows to get the latest version of it. Hence, by performing either or both of these, you can solve the runtime error.

  • Disc Clean-up

A runtime error might also occur due to low space on the computer. Consider cleaning up your system by deleting unnecessary files and applications. Back up your data and free up space in your hard drive. Sometimes, merely cleaning the cache and rebooting the system does the thing and solves the error.

Otherwise, run a Disk Clean-up by opening the explorer and right-clicking the leading directory. Click on Properties, and then on Disk Clean-up.

  • Reinstallation of Runtime libraries

You might be facing a runtime error because an update is not installed correctly; hence it isn’t working as it should be. Therefore, you need to uninstall the current one and replace it with a fresh and complete update.

For this, go to Control Panel > Programs & Features, uninstall the package and restart your computer. After that, download the latest kit and install it.

Also, if these don’t work, you can reinstall the graphics driver. You only have to open the Device Manager, right-click on video card driver, and tap Uninstall. After that, restart your computer.

We are sure that one of these fixes will work for you. Also, you can contact us for professional support on this matter. Stay connected to know more about McAfee’s errors and their fixes.  For more details about us visit

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