Firestick came out as a blessing for many people. How often do you get a remote that operates on voice commands? Not very often. Though it is making many people’s life easy, sometimes the situation is otherwise. You may try to change the channel or pause the video, but it won’t work. What does this mean? A lot of people complain about firestick remote not working even if it’s new. There are various other circumstances where you command it to work, but it doesn’t bother. What should you do then?

Mainly the problem with firestick arises after resetting it as the remote stops working. At those times, the firestick seems useless as to what we can do without a compatible device. These situations might pose a significant threat, but it doesn’t mean your firestick will never work. Some minor fixes will get you to watch your favorites shows again with full control over firestick remote. All your problems with firestick remote not working will go away. Try the below-mentioned solutions and then pair your voice correctly. That’s it.

Solutions for firestick remote not working


Check the batteries

It happens so often that the battery life doesn’t turn out to be what they claim. Therefore, even new batteries keep you sometimes hanging that there is something wrong with your device. If it’s been time since you changed the batteries, change it now.

Even if you have new batteries in your remote, try other ones. You can also use the batteries of an already working device to check if there’s a battery problem overall.

Also, it is advisable to use new batteries on new devices. For some reason, the old batteries on a new device do not work and make you think your device has a problem.

Now that we are already talking about batteries make sure the compartment is clean. Clean the battery compartment every once in a while, as dirt may cause trouble.


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Try pairing the firestick again

In some cases, the pairing isn’t successful, rendering the firestick remote not working. You can try pairing it once again.

  1. Plug the firestick into HDMI port, turn your TV, and the firestick on.
  2. When it starts to boot up, press the Home button for at least 10 seconds.
  3. After a successful pair up, a confirmation message will come on the screen.

Usually, the device and the stick come pre-paired, but if it doesn’t, you can pair them manually. If you are still having problems with pairing, perform the above steps repeatedly until it’s paired.

Try pairing the firestick with other buttons

If the home button doesn’t pair up the stick and the device, do not worry. There are many other buttons you can try pairing.

You should know that pairing it using other buttons does not reset your firestick to factory settings. What they do is reset and unpair the remote from the device. Then, it pairs your remote again with the firestick.

  1. Disconnect the firestick or unplug it.
  2. Hold back button, menu button, and left navigation button together for at least 15-20 seconds.
  3. Take off the batteries of your remote.
  4. Power on the firestick and wait until Home Screen
  5. Insert the batteries and wait for a minute.
  6. By this time, the firestick pairs itself with the remote.

Use Amazon Fire TV remote app.

If you still cannot figure out why your firestick remote is not working, or you are out of batteries, then you can use a phone application. Many phone brands provide access to electronic devices. Your phone acts as a remote.

If your Smartphone doesn’t have this feature by default, you can install Amazon Fire TV Remote App.

Please make sure your device and the Smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

If you still experience troubles with connecting or pairing the firestick, contact for support.


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